Client Forms:

We update these forms every year so they are current and updated to the IRS rules and regulations.

Please use our new interactive forms to sign your engagement letter and fill out your questionnaire. If you would prefer a hardcopy, please let our office know and we can prepare one for you. You will find instructions on how to complete the questionnaire as well as helpful tips on submitting your documents.


Tax Year 2023 Questionnaires

Digital fillable:

Downloadable PDF:

Tax Year 2022 Questionnaires

Digital fillable:



Specific client year engagement letters for Individual 1040s clients are  available for digital signing in your custom Onvio Portal. Please login to your portal to sign the documents. They must be signed prior to start to tax preparation. If we also prepare your individual income tax return, you will need to sign both the business and individual letter. If you would like a downloadable print version instead of the online version, please download the version below.

Tax Year 2023 Engagement Letters

Digital fillable:

Downloadable PDF:

Tax Year 2022 Engagement Letters

  1. BUSINESS: 2022 BUSINESS Engagement Letter Print Version Downloadable
  2. INDIVIDUAL: 2022 INDIVIDUAL Engagement Letter Print Version Downloadable


Tax Year 2023 Due Diligence Forms

Tax Year 2022 Due Diligence Forms


We have determined that the IRS requires a signed release form indicating what documents need to be released and who you will be releasing them to before we can forward your secure documents to any 3rd party.
The document must be signed manually as electronic signature is not acceptable.
This form must be completed EACH TIME you need us to send any secure documents to a 3rd party. We are unable to accept a blanket authorization for future release of documents.


These are blank forms and templates for your use.