1099 Reporting

If your business makes payments for rents, services, or interest you may be required to file 1099 forms annually. You are required to issue a 1099 to any non-corporate (remember LLCs are not corporations) vendor that you pay at least $600 during 2013 for rents, services (including parts and materials), or interest. Payments to tax-exempt [...]

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2013 Tax Questionnaires

Representation Letters: 2013 Business Representation Letter 2013 Individual Representation Letter Tax Questionnaires: 2013 Business Tax Questionnaire FILLABLE - FILLABLE (Adobe fillable form – Complete on your computer, save, then submit to Shaw & Associates) 2013 Business Tax Questionnaire NON-FILLABLE (Adobe non-fillable form – Print form, complete by hand, then submit to Shaw & Associates) 2013 Individual Tax [...]

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Use Tax

Although very similar, use tax is not the same as sales tax and tends to be overlooked by many business owners. In the state of Colorado, businesses are required to pay use tax on items purchased that are not for resale, and on which sales tax was not paid when purchased. If your business operates [...]

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