Colorado New Hire Reporting Requirements

Just a reminder that federal law requires employers to register all new employees with the State Directory of New Hires. You must report a new hire within 20 days after the date of hire, or by the first scheduled payroll after the date of hire, if this payroll is after the end of the 20-day [...]

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Revenue Online- Colorado Department of Revenue

The Colorado Department of Revenue (CDOR) has created a system called Revenue Online that is now the preferred method for communicating with the CDOR on most matters affecting your state withholding, sales, and income taxes. This system also allows you to pay most kinds of state taxes via electronic funds transfer (EFT). Additionally this system [...]

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Business Personal Property Declaration Schedule

If your business operates in Colorado, you must file an annual declaration schedule of business personal property if the actual value of all your business personal property is more than $7,000. For every county that you have a separate physical business address, you need to file an annual declaration with that county if that separate [...]

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