Many people only think of their Fort Collins accounting firm around tax time. After their return is complete and submitted, it’s “Goodbye, until next year.” However, establishing a trusting relationship with a firm means you can, and should, look to them for a wide range of helpful resources throughout the year.

On the Shaw & Associates website, you can find the following resource pages:

  • Useful links. From the Colorado Department of Revenue page to information from the IRS on identity theft prevention, you can visit this page to find your way to a long list of important tax- and finance-related websites.
  • Client forms. No more hunting for that financial form you’ve been looking for. We provide you with an array of useful documents.
  • Helpful instructions. While we’re always happy to field your questions personally, many of them are answered online for your convenience.
  • Newsletter archive. We cover a wide range of topics in our Shaw Atlas. Past issues are available on our website.
  • Blog posts. You’re busy, so we get right to the point about important issues that affect you and your finances.

Some of these resources are specific to tax season, but many provide information that is helpful at any time of year. Plus, we refresh them regularly so that the most current versions of documents and forms are always available.

At Shaw & Associates, we’re a leading Fort Collins accounting firm whose goal is to be your one-stop source for all of your accounting needs. From the advice we give you in our office to the carefully curated information we make available on our website, it’s all focused on helping you manage your finances more effectively and confidently. So, don’t wait until tax season to take advantage of these resources! Contact us today to learn more about our accounting and financial advising services.