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May 2013

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File Your Extended Return Sooner Rather than Later

Love is in the Air at Shaw & Associates!

Get to Know John Selzer


Don’t Wait to File Your Extended Return
Mary Palm, Accounting Manager

April 15th has come and gone, and we’re all a little more relaxed and sane around here now. Thank you to our valued clients and referral partners for your business and your confidence in us as your trusted advisors. We appreciate each of you and the relationships we have with you. Many of you make us laugh and smile, some of you even bring us cookies, and you generally make our jobs enjoyable and our crazy time a little less crazy with your wonderful attitudes and appreciation of us.

If you are one of the roughly 20% of our clients who chose to extend your 2012 income tax return, keep in mind the extension filing deadline for Corporations and LLC’s that file as partnerships (Form 1065) is September 16, 2013, and for individuals is October 15, 2013. However, we work on these all summer, so please send/bring us your information as soon as possible. Keep in mind the extension is of time to FILE, not time to PAY, so if you think you will owe income taxes for 2012 and did not make a payment with your extension, it is especially important for us to get your return completed earlier rather than later so that you can get your taxes paid and therefore incur fewer late payment penalties. Also, if you are required to make quarterly estimated tax payments for 2013 (due 4/15, 6/15, 9/15, and 1/15/14), you still need to make these payments whether or not you have filed your 2012 income tax return.

Questions? We are here to help, so just let us know. Please keep in mind we do generally experience a “mini tax season” before the 9/16 and 10/15 extension deadlines, and the more rushed we are, the less precise attention we are able to give your return and your tax situation. Please help Kevin hold onto the last hairs remaining on his head and us to provide you with the attention and work quality on which we pride ourselves by providing us your 2012 tax information timely.

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Love is in the Air at Shaw & Associates!

Congratulations to Cassy Nittmann and Marcie Hutchinson, both of whom recently became engaged. Also, congratulations to Katie Shaw, Kevin’s oldest daughter (and one of the original “associates” of Shaw & Associates when the business was still run out of Kevin’s garage), who is also planning her wedding. We are so happy for each of these ladies, as well as their future husbands, Sean, Matt, and Tyler, and wish them the best as they embark on this next adventure in their lives.

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Get to Know John

Hi, my name is John Selzer and I welcome this opportunity to introduce myself and to take this spot to share my background. I was an executive and financial advisor with a leading fortune 500 firm before founding my firm, Capital Point Financial Group LTD. I hold a Bachelor’s Degree in Business and am a Certified Financial Planner. This June will be my 27 year anniversary as a financial advisor. I am also active as a volunteer with Rotary, The Gift of Adoption, Knights of Columbus, and Lifesource Blood Bank. My wife is a creative designer and both of my children are in college with one in Colorado and the other in Wisconsin. My personal interests are running, reading and motorcycling. I am truly looking forward to the collaboration between Capital Point and Shaw & Associates. The synergies created by my background as a financial advisor and Kevin’s knowledge of tax and accounting allows us to bring a tremendous amount of value to our mutual clients in all aspects of their financial health.

In closing, if you are on LinkedIn, please consider making a connection with me by visiting my profile. I can be reached at 970-372-2350 and I look forward to this exciting chapter and opportunity.

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