The Shaw Atlas
February 13, 2012

Welcome to The Shaw Atlas, the monthly newsletter from Shaw & Associates, CPAs & Financial Advisors. We look forward to keeping you abreast of ever-changing tax codes, providing you with money saving accounting tips and illustrating proactive strategies to help you achieve the financial life you envision.

Newsletter contents:

Important Deadlines
February 29,2012
  • Mail Form W-3 to Social Security Administration with Copy A of all W-2s
  • Mail CO Form DR 1093W Annual Transmital of State W-2 Copy 1 of all W-2s (CO Businesses)
  • Mail Form 1096 to IRS with Copy A of all 1099s

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Happy Anniversary Shaw & Associates

February marks the 15th Anniversary of Shaw & Associates! We have experienced significant growth over the last 15 years, and we owe that to each and every one of you. Our relationship with clients, friends, and members of the community has contributed to our success. Thank you for 15 great years in the Northern Colorado Community. This newsletter is dedicated to those things that have made us successful.

Kevin Shaw and the Shaw & Associates Staff


This photo was for Kevin’s first advertisement in Fort Collins. Look at all that hair!

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Kevin’s Top 15 Reasons for Shaw & Associates’ Success

15. We have fun – Laughter and smiles are commonplace in our office.
14. Our Dedication to Environmental Stewardship – Shaw & Associates has been using a digital document management system since 2004, eliminating the need to copy and print thousands of documents. Our relationship with ClimateWise and programs such as our Green Tax Process show we are ahead of the environmental curve for our industry.
13. Communication – Through e-newsletters, frequent tax information announcements, the Shaw & Associates’ website, Facebook and personal calls, our goal is to keep you informed of the latest in tax and financial planning.
12. Commitment to Non-Profit Organizations – Kevin and other staff members serve on multiple boards throughout the community. Our staff picks a local charity each quarter and donates money in exchange for wearing jeans on Mondays. We are dedicated to serving the needs of Northern Colorado’s non-profit community.
11. Support of Local Businesses – We are dedicated to the success of not only our business clients, but small businesses throughout Northern Colorado through our partnership with organizations that foster and promote small business such as Be Local Northern Colorado and theFort Collins Chamber of Commerce.
10. Comprehensive Approach – Through our tax services, accounting and bookkeeping services, and financial planning we offer a coordinated approach to individual and business tax and financial planning.
9. Technical Accounting Skills – Four staff members have passed the CPA exam and have over 74 years combined industry experience. We pride ourselves on keeping up with the latest in tax code changes.
8. Client Training – We are QuickBooks Certified Professional Advisors and offer QuickBooks training as well as business management, payroll and financial statements training. If there is something that you want to learn, we are here to teach you.
7. Accurate, Customized Bookkeeping & Payroll Department – We cater our services to the needs of our clients. From full bookkeeping services to help with quarterly statements, we are here to help you succeed.
6. Comprehensive Financial Planning – Tax planning and long term financial planning go hand in hand. Our CPAs and Financial Advisors work together to structure individualized financial plans. We offer a wide-range of financial services to both individuals and businesses including advice, planning, and implementation of 401(k)s, IRAs, SEP IRAs, Roth conversions, and life insurance options.
5. Our Affiliation with Cambridge Investment Research, Inc. – Our financial services are offered through Cambridge Investment Research, an independent, un-biased broker/dealer. Cambridge was named Investment Magazine’s Broker/Dealer of the Year 4 out of the last 9 years(Division III in 2003, Division IV in 2007,2008, 2010). This partnership allows us to bring quality, independent financial services to our clients.
4. Philosophy to Go the Extra Mile – We don’t simply prepare tax returns. Whether in tax planning, preparation and analysis, or financial planning, we are always looking at the overall picture. Can we implement additional strategies to further reduce tax liability and help you reach your goals?
3. Continued Growth – We have experienced consistent growth over the last 15 years, not only in the number of clients we serve, but growth of the services we provide.
2. Quality and Dedication of our Staff – We have an extremely knowledgeable and talented staff. We will bend over backwards to do what is right for our clients.
1. Our Relationship with our Clients and Friends in the Community – Our success can be credited to the loyalty and longevity of our clients and partners. Thank you to each of you who have made the last 15 years so enjoyable!

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Promoting the Success of Local Businesses

Shaw & Associates is now a member of Be Local Northern Colorado, an organization that promotes local, unique independent businesses. With this in mind, we would like to promote and support our clients in future newsletters. Help us celebrate your success! If your business has received an award or special accomplishment, or if you have achieved milestones, let us know.

To learn more about Be Local Northern Colorado click here

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