The skill and integrity of your accountant are very important. The work that they perform and the guidance they provide has a direct impact on your financial wellbeing, and your financial wellbeing plays a major role in the quality of life that you enjoy. Consequently, it is critical that when looking for an accountant in Fort Collins or anywhere, you assess whether they possess certain key attributes. 

Key Attributes to Look for in an Accountant

Before trusting an accountant with your finances, you should confirm that they have these characteristics:

  • Experience. The person fresh out of college may have earned high marks in all their accounting classes, but without a firm foundation in real-world accounting, you can’t be sure they will know how to deal with the unique scenarios that your finances present.
  • Attention to detail. Talk with people who use a particular accountant. They can tell you if that person goes the extra mile to ensure high-quality work. If instead, you learn that the accountant often lets mistakes slip through, keep looking. Errors can cause a great deal of financial trouble.
  • Transparency. Your accountant should be happy to explain every action they take or decision they make on your behalf. If they tend to answer specific questions with vague answers, that should be a red flag.
  • Positive reputation. When an accountant does exceptional work, word gets around. If your inquiries don’t quickly turn up some excellent reviews, it’s best to keep looking.

Who You Trust with Your Finances Matters

Selecting a financial services provider is an important decision and one you should make carefully. As a respected accountant in Fort Collins, Kevin Shaw welcomes your questions about Shaw & Associates CPAs and Financial Advisors. Contact us to learn more about our services.