6a00d8345157c669e201bb07c6d527970d-640wiIn the middle of an avalanche of returns and tax preparation, we have to take time for some levity. Working 60 hour weeks can drain the whole team, so we try to find the silver lining, and look at what makes us love our jobs, why we love our clients, and concentrate on a few things that make tax season in April, really, not so bad. As we embark on 20 years in business, we thought it would be fun to share 20 reasons that you can think more positively about taxes. Take a look, and feel free to send your own reasons our way (if you can think of one or two).

  1. The weather in Colorado tries, in fits and starts, to transition to some more spring and summer-like behavior. It’s that dose of the unexpected that keeps us on our toes, looking at whether we need to grab our shorts or snowshoes to get to work.
  2. We get to see more of our clients. Some of them we only see once a year during tax season, so it’s an opportunity for us to say hello, catch up, and hear how everyone is doing. If you haven’t come to say hello to us, please do.
  3. And everyone gets to see a lot of each other – we’re always grateful for our team of bright and fun-loving individuals that make coming to work enjoyable.
  4. In April, we can see the light at the end of the tunnel. After the 15th, you’re off the hook (we tend to stay busy with extensions, but most people are less stressed) for another 12 months. Although we always recommend that you start planning early. Preferably January.
  5. Spring time is the time to start planning summer vacations. We’re definitely thinking about what to do with our comp time after all the aforementioned extensions are filed and taken care of.
  6. Tax season does help you appreciate the things your taxes pay for – paved roads and schools are part of what make Fort Collins such a wonderful community to live in.
  7. Even though most of us are up to our eyeballs in paperwork, we know that everyone else is going through the same thing. Welcome to this exclusive club called being an adult!
  8. You can start spending your money uncontrollably again, safe in the knowledge that tax season is gone for another 12 months. But we would always recommend taking the opportunity to come talk to us about responsible financial planning, so you can make it rain in 20 years.
  9. Our clients feel safe in the knowledge that they have a CPA that’s working hard to get their taxes in on time and making sure that everything is present and correct.
  10. If the positivity isn’t working for you, tax season is a great time to find something new to curse about, or come up with really creative, compound curse words.
  11. Taxes pay people and build the infrastructure to build pipes to carry our poop away, and it’s hard argue with that.
  12. Okay … so maybe 20 reasons to see the positive side of taxes is a bit of a stretch, but what isn’t hard for us is to share how excited we are to celebrate our 20 years in business with you.

When it comes to April 15th, we are reminded of what really matters for making our business a success: YOU! Next time you come by, let’s cheers to our 20 year anniversary together, because we wouldn’t be celebrating tax season, or any other season for that matter, if you weren’t a vital part of our team.