April 18th is when you need to mark your calendar as the tax deadline for 2017. If your taxes are getting a little time consuming or a bit complex, it may be time to consider the best tax accountant in Fort Collins, Shaw & Associates.

Did you know we offer three types of tax planning services as a Fort Collins accountant? We offer tax planning & consulting, tax preparation & compliance as well as IRS representation should you need it.

Our tax planning & consulting services allow you to have access to the changes in tax laws & regulations before you have to file your annual income taxes. Having our expert tax professionals assisting you and helping guide you through this process can make tax planning & consulting a breeze!

Next up we offer tax preparation & compliance for those of you who feel frustrated when preparing your own taxes. Our goal is to help you get the tools, guidance & expertise needed to make tax preparation as painless as possible.

Lastly, we offer IRS representation should you ever get the uncomfortable letter in the mail. We have significant experience in dealing with various tax authorities at the local and national level and want to help you should you need it. We know the nuances of dealing with the IRS and can make it as painless & stress free as possible for you.

As you can see, we offer plenty of services as a tax accountant in Fort Collins and are capable of helping you with your personal or professional finances this tax season. So if you are in the decision making process about which Fort Collins accountant you should use, make sure to choose Shaw & Associates!